Sunday, 9 March 2014

Duck Bay Wedding Show – 2nd March 2014

Last Sunday Paul and I took a trip to Loch Lomond to visit the wedding show at the Duck Bay Hotel & Restaurant.  While we were only there for about 20 minutes or so it was definitely worth the commute.  There were dozens of stalls laid out representing the services of various local suppliers. Three suppliers in particular stuck out in my mind.

Cakes by Suzanne

We were immediately drawn to the display of beautiful cakes on offer at this particular table.  I liked every single one of them.  Each cake was unique in design but very modern.  Personally, I’m not a fan of the old fashioned flowery frilly cakes so Suzanne’s designs were definitely more my cup of tea.

Not only did the cakes look amazing, but after sampling every flavour of cake on offer Paul confirmed that they also tasted fantastic (to be honest cake tasting was the only way I managed to convince him to come to the wedding show!). 

Suzanne, herself was just lovely.  Very friendly and approachable.  Within seconds we were discussing ideas for our wedding cake and she was really keen to offer ideas. 

All of Suzanne’s cakes are priced individually depending on what you choose.  All of the fabulous cakes she had on display was definitely within our price range so we were very pleased indeed!

Photography Chantal

The stunning photo books beautifully arranged immediately drew us to the Photography Chantal table.  The smartly dressed photographer was chatting to another couple so we took the opportunity to browse through one of the photo books.  What I particularly liked about these photographs was the abundance of ‘natural’ photos as opposed to the forced ‘I’ve been sleeping with a hanger in my mouth’ type photos.  Every person in every photo looked like they were having a wonderful time and I felt like I got a real look into this couple’s big day. 

After a few minutes, the photographer introduced himself to us as Scott.  I commented on the lovely photos on display.  Scott thanked us and went on to tell us that natural photos are most definitely their style.  He talked about a groom at a wedding the previous day who didn’t like smiling and getting his picture taken.  By making him laugh they were able to over come this problem.  This was a huge selling point for me as I am soon to marry a groom just like that!  I struggled not to point this out at the time but didn’t want to embarrass Paul.  Once in the car on the way home, however, we did have a good laugh about it and Paul himself said this photographer sounded like a winner!

Get it Glam

Having already liked the Facebook page of this particular hair and beauty lady I was keen to meet her in person.  She greeted us with a lovely smile, introduced herself as Lorna and explained that she comes to whichever venue you are getting ready at to do hair and make up on the bride and anyone else who fancies the professional touch.  Lorna also suggested that for trials she could come to the house and my ladies and I could have a girly night in with a few glasses of wine while everyone gets their hair and make-up done.  This sounded like such a fun idea and is definitely something I will be considering!  She also said that if I would prefer I could get my hair and make up done by myself. 

I was very pleased with the first impressions from each of these suppliers and am keen to talk to them some more about what they have to offer.  If anything in this post has interested you please have a look at the Facebook pages of these lovely companies below:


Do any of you have any suppliers you would recommend?

Maxine xxx

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  1. What a fab blog. Thanks for the lovely comments about my cakes, you seem to really get the style of cakes I love to make. Looking forward to working with you in the future xx