Sunday, 30 March 2014

Starbucks Sabbatical



Happy Sunday Morning to one and all! 

I thought I would use today’s post for some personal musings and tell you all about a little challenge I’m setting myself.  As you can probably tell from the title I am taking a sabbatical from Starbucks.  I am giving it up.

Now, before you get to flabbergasted I just want to say that I don’t have anything against Starbucks.  In fact, I love it…too much.  That’s the problem.

You see, I have an addiction to Starbucks and just take-away coffee in general…to the point where I have reached the level of Gold Member on the Starbucks Rewards Scheme.

You may be wondering why it is I am giving it up then?  I mean, take-away coffee is hardly the worst addiction in the world?

The reasons are threefold:

1.     To Save Money

This is probably the main reason and the one which pushed me to take up this challenge.  Upon examining my bank balance I couldn’t believe how much I was spending…on coffee!  The fact that I take a packed lunch to work to save money and then spend £3 a day on coffee seemed a tad hypocritical.  When I started looking at ways I could save money for the wedding this was an obvious cost-cutter.

2.     To Save Calories

I double dare you to look up how many calories are in your grande hazelnut latte… Scary, eh?  And even if you go down the skimmed milk/sugar-free syrup route there’s still a fair amount of calories in there.  (And in my opinion they just don’t taste as good!)  Now I could go for the low cal option and have my coffee black but I am too much of a wimp for this.  The sweeter and frothier the better as far as I’m concerned!  Again, with a wedding on the horizon I’m keen to cut out any empty calories where I can. 

3.     Personal Challenge

The third reason is just to see if I can really.  I like the idea of setting myself a personal challenge and sticking to it.  A test of my own will…if you will.

OK, so here are the parameters.  I will not buy myself a take-away hot beverage between now and the wedding…which is almost two years away.  A bold statement I know.  Even writing it is making my heart pound.

The Exception

I will still meet up with friends for a tea/coffee and sit in at Starbucks or wherever in the name of catching up.  The reason for this is I feel it’s great way to have a chat and spend quality time with someone without going to the expense of going out for a meal.  As I do this less frequently I don't feel it will be detrimental to my 3 reasons stated above.

So here goes…wish me luck!  I can already feel withdrawal coming on..

Have any of you made any sacrifices for your big day?  Given up chocolate?  Swore off crisps?  I’d love to hear about them.  We can encourage each other to get there.

Maxine xxx

P.S. Sorry Starbucks, this is just something I’ve gotta do.

P.P.S. I still love you!

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  1. oh god youre brave!! good luck i hope you manage it! i'd love it if youd comment back xx