Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Loch Lomond Wedding Exhibition, Saturday 5th April 2014

 My maid of honour, Stephanie, and I ventured out in to the wind and rain on Saturday to attend the Loch Lomond Wedding Exhibition.  A large marquee was set up in the overflow car park at Loch Lomond Shores packed full of suppliers.  After having a brief chat with one of the wedding car suppliers we dashed inside to the warm and dry.  We were immediately greeted with a hive of activity.  There were over 100 stalls showing off the weird and wonderful services of each supplier standing proudly in front.  This was by far the biggest wedding show I have attended so far.  We made our way round in as logical an order as we could so as not to miss anything.

With so many suppliers present there was definitely room for the more extravagant and the less traditional.  These included firework displays, alcoholic slush machines and a magician who costs £200 to keep your guests occupied while you get your photos taken!  Walking around and taking all this in made me reflect on just how easy it is for a wedding budget to go way off the chart.  Perhaps I’m being a little cynical but I know for my wedding I’ll be sticking to the more “standard” suppliers and services.  For me, a wedding is an expensive day anyway.  I don’t really want to add more fuel to an already blazing fire.  That’s my opinion.  What’s yours?  Do you feel the extras enhance your wedding day?  Or do you think they burn a hole in your budget?  I’d love to hear both sides of the story.

Now, back to the wedding show and the wonderful suppliers who caught my attention.

Kilts 4 U

I was immediately impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the lady we met at this particular stall.  What I really liked was the fact that the offer a 5 day hire as opposed to the usual 3.  This means that the men can pick up their outfits early and have plenty of time to try things on before the big day.  The mannequins laid out were all displaying more and unique kilts.  We are certainly looking for something a bit different in the kilt department for our wedding so this was right up our street!

G1 Pipers

The charisma and big personality of this piper instantly wins people over.  Standing in full highland dress chatting away to some other customers he leaned over as Stephanie and I walked by, handed me a couple of business cards and said, “Excuse me, you dropped them.”  Clever advertising technique, I liked it!  And it made us both giggle a little.

Perhaps the main event of the wedding exhibition was the fashion show.  Various suppliers kitted out their models to showcase their best outfits.

As a warm-up to the show Mr. G1 Piper performed a few classics on his pipes.  It was then time for some audience participation!  He split the crowd in half.  My half clapped once on the count of 2.  The other half stamped both feet.  It soon became apparent that we were hitting out the beat to We Will Rock You.  Mr. G1 Piper then joined in with the melody.  I love that bagpipes are now becoming more of a ‘modern’ instrument and many pipers are expanding their repertoire to include more popular tunes.

So that was my highlights of the Loch Lomond Wedding Exhibition.  What were yours?  Do you enjoy wedding shows?  As long as you go home with a handbag full of flyers and head full of ideas you’ve had a successful trip!

Maxine xxx

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