Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sweatin' For The Weddin' - Blogilates

Welcome to this month’s edition of Sweatin’ For The Weddin’.  Like most brides to be I am keen to get in shape for my wedding day.  I created this monthly series to share how I’m currently Sweatin’ and hopefully provide some inspiration for those of you who aren’t sure what to do.

You’re probably thinking what’s Blogilates?  Pilates just for bloggers?  Pilates and blogging at the same time?

Blogilates is many things.  Essentially, it is a series of online Pilates lessons taught by Cassey Ho, the bounciest, bubbliest Pilates instructor you’ll ever meet.  Cassey has created literally hundreds of fun workout videos and posted them on her blog and YouTube channel…for free!  If you’re not sure which videos to do Cassey has got you covered.  By signing up to her free newsletter you receive the top secret password to allow you to download each month’s printable calendar.  The calendar works by allocating each day of the week to different body parts such as abs, legs or butt.  There will be a series of videos to do that day to work that particular area.  You just work through them, tick them off, sign your name and BOOM!  Workout complete.

Now, I have to be honest with you.  These workouts can be TOUGH.  If you’re finding them too hard there is a beginner’s calendar to break you in more slowly.  But bear in mind that you should feel challenged.  Workouts are supposed to push you, otherwise you won’t improve.  As Cassey says, ‘Train Insane or Remain the Same.’

This isn’t the only motivational catchphrase of Cassey’s.  ‘Train Like A Beast, Look Like A Beauty’ is another favourite of mine.  Cassey herself just oozes positivity, enthusiasm and little bit of crazy thrown in for good measure.  She pushes all of us to live a strong and healthy lifestyle in a way that is fun and bright.

And it’s not just Cassey who provides encouragement.  She has created a powerful community of POPsters (that’s what all we POP Pilates peeps are known as) who continually help and motivate one another.  No negativity or harsh comments allowed!  I experienced this for the first time when I downloaded the Blogilates app.  It includes a forum for POPsters to chat.  I posted a ‘Before’ picture of myself in a bikini…something which took a lot of courage!  Shortly after, I received wonderful comments of encouragement from people I hadn’t even met!  I was so pleased.

If that wasn’t enough (I swear I’m not being paid to say all this, I just love it so much!) Cassey also has a series on her YouTube channel called Cheap Clean Eats.  As the title suggests she shares healthy recipes which don’t hurt the purse strings.



She also has a clothing line filled with cute and girly workout clothes.  I myself have purchased the pink hoody shown in the photo above.  I like having something nice to wear to work out.  Makes me all the more motivated!

Now enough gushing from me.

Go ahead and try one of the routines for yourself!

Are there any POPsters out there reading my blog?  I’d love to know! J

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