Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wedding Checklist – What to do and when – Part 5: 1 Month To Go

It’s only one month til the wedding day!  How did that happen!?  Excitement and nerves are on the rise.  To calm those nerves here’s a straight forward checklist for you to work with.  You've got plenty of stuff going through your wee brain just now so this is a quick no nonsense post to get you through.

The theme this week is confirming and discussing.  Most of the activities involve doing one or the other or both.  Now is the time to make sure all of your suppliers understand their expectations and you understand theirs.



-        Confirm your menu (or if you have an external caterer confirm with them)

-        Confirm seating plan, this means you have to chase those RSVPs you haven’t yet received

-        Provide copies of contracts with relevant suppliers along with contact details and timings

-        Confirm the timings and running order of the day



-        Confirm co-ordination for on the day e.g. delivery time, set-up, responsibilities

-        Confirm playlist with your band/DJ.  They have had enough time to source your music or come up with alternatives to discuss with you

-        Discuss shot list/brief with the photographer

To Buy


-        Clothes shopping for your honeymoon! 


-        Thank you gifts for your wedding party



-        Book any beauty treatments you want for the big day such as nails and a spray tan

-        Book you last hair cut/colour appointment before the wedding

-        Have a final dress fitting with shoes and accessories

-        Wear in your wedding shoes around the house


-        Go over ‘on the day’ duties with the usher, best man and maid of honour

-        Write your vows if you plan on reciting your own

-        Throw awesome hen and stag parties!

And that's it!

Check back next Thursday for the FINAL installment and a wonderful prize for all of you for sticking with

the series until the end!

Maxine xxx

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