Tuesday, 15 April 2014

What To Wear To A Wedding

Having just been to a wedding this weekend (more on that later in the week) and had to find something to wear, I thought it would be fitting to write a blog post on what to wear to a wedding.  I’ve basically narrowed it down to a few key tips and if you follow them you won’t go far wrong.

1.    It has to be classy

I mean, let’s face it, a wedding is pretty much the classiest event most of us get to go to.  (I don’t know about you but I’m still patiently awaiting my red carpet invitation)  So, make the most of it!  Get yourself kitted up in your classiest dress and work it!

2.    This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive…

You can be craftily classy with the right fabrics and cuts, without having to spend a small fortune.  All you need is a keen eye.  The dress I’m wearing was snatched from the sale rail at Dorothy Perkins for a whopping £12! But sshhhh…

3.    Nothing too short/tight/revealing…


I realise, this ties in with point 1 but I felt it should be stated explicitly nonetheless.  You’re going to a wedding.  Not a night club.  Save the barely-ass-covering, glittery, low cut body con dress for another night.

4.    Headwear

Those of you who have liked The Lady Said Yes Facebook page will know I had a mild panic days before the wedding over whether or not to wear a fascinator.  I reached out and asked my lovely likers what their opinion on the matter was.  It seemed everyone of my mum’s generation and above were unanimous in that I should definitely wear a fascinator.  Thankfully, my Auntie Marnie came to the rescue and let me borrow the lovely black one I am wearing in the photo shown.  Having now attended the wedding there were definitely a lot of woman (of all ages) wearing fascinators but there were also a lot who weren’t.  Basically, if you want to spruce things up with a fascinator go for it.  Hell, even go all out and wear a hat if you feel like it!  But don’t feel you have to…

5.    Shoes

This is some advice I didn’t follow myself and slightly regretted it.  Wear shoes you can walk in ALL DAY.  As wonderful as weddings are, they are loooooong… We got picked up by the bus at midday and dropped back off at the hotel at 1:45am.  I enjoyed every minute of it, but my feet…not so much.  Don’t get me wrong the shoes I wore can be pretty comfy but I would recommend wearing your comfiest or bring a pair of flats for later when you’re busting shapes on the dance floor.


So, this is what I came up with.  Like I said my dress was an absolute steal in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and my fascinator came courtesy of Aunty Marnie.  My shoes are from Dorothy Perkins last summer.  I bought them to attend my grad ball and they have now become my go-to formal shoes.  You can't go too far wrong with nude peep toes, in my opinion.

What would you wear?  Do you have any additional advice?

Maxine xxx

PS If you’re really stuck ASOS have a section on their website dedicated to dresses to wear to a wedding.  Even if you don’t buy one from there it’s great for inspiration!


P.P.S. here's a pic of my handsome man all kitted out in his kilt.  There's just something about a man in a kilt I find irresistible.  Is it just me?

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