Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Truly Pinterest-esque Wedding Show


Do you spend more time than you should perusing Pinterest, pinning all the wonderful wedding bits for inspiration?  Do you then start attending wedding fairs and looking at suppliers only to realise you can’t find what you’ve pinned?   You then find yourself wondering if these beautify quirky supplier actually exist in real life?  Or are they just created in internet land to taunt us?




I’ve found them.


And they’re right here, in Glasgow.

The Glasgow Wedding Collective is the directory for independent vintage suppliers.  I first came across them when I saw the poster above plastered outside Glasgow Central Station advertising their upcoming wedding show.  I made no hesitation and snapped the posted on my iPhone so as to remember all the deets.


My future sister-in-law Jade and I went along on a drizzly Sunday afternoon to see what there was to see.  We were not disappointed.  It was a vintage-lover’s dream.  Even the setting (Glasgow’s Lighthouse) with it’s exposed brickwork and long windows letting in lots of natural light oozed vintage flair.


Featured below are some of the amazing suppliers which caught our eye as we wandered around.



Big Bear Bakery

The first stand we came across and the first cake tasting of the day (…I do love a wedding fair so I do).  Jade went for the chocolate brownie with a gooey chocolate centre while I opted for the chocolate orange cake.  Which tasted amazingly Jaffa Cake like.  Yum.  The Big Bear Bakery were also doing a giveaway that day.  One lucky winner got their hands on the lovely layered cake with berries shown in the photo.  All you had to do was like their FB page and leave a comment below the photo of the cake.  Alas, we did not win.  Can’t say we weren’t completely gutted.  But we got a bit of cake tasting in so it was a worthwhile visit nonetheless.  If you’re looking for a wedding cake oozing quirkiness and fantastic flavor this is the place to be.



Shoe heaven.

That’s pretty much all I can say.  So artfully displayed, all of the shoes were eye-catching and unique.  Based in Perth, Arabesque work with designers and hand select beautiful shoes for your wedding.


Sweet Everythings

Does exactly what it says on the tin.  This stand held a variety of interesting sweet treats.  Jade and I were once again forced to sample the Victoria sponge (hey, someone’s gotta do it, right?) and it was delish.  I love it when a simple yet classic recipe is done just right.  But it’s not just the simple and classic that Sweet Everythings do.  If you want something a bit different, they definitely do that too!


Lace Buds

This was one of my favourite stops of the day.  The bright spring colours just spoke to me and I was drawn to them.  I love the whole ‘flowers in jam jars’ thing that’s becoming so popular these days.  The lady presenting the beautiful blooms was just as lovely.   She was so friendly and discussed various options with us about their services.  I was so disappointed I forgot to ask for her name.  I would highly recommend going to visit this company at their shop in the West End.  Even if it’s just for a chat.  There was no pressure.  You just felt like she wanted to genuinely help you out and offer advice.  For me, that’s exactly what you’re looking for in a supplier.


Ribbons & Lace

The soft pinks and golds were what drew me to this stand.  There’s just something about those colours together which I just love.  The ladies of Ribbons & Lace had some beautiful gowns on display from their boutique in Kilwinning.



Three Sisters Bake

We were greeted with a friendly smile from one of the three sisters.  She explained that they ran two cafes as well as creating bespoke wedding cakes.  The cakes she had on display were absolutely beautiful.  They were delicate yet rustic.  And they smelled incredible!  Alas, there were no samples at this table (probably best for my wedding diet haha!).


Melle Cloche

If you’re looking for accessories with a truly vintage look this is where you want to be.  All the details on display looked delicate and feminine.  They had something for everyone from the little combs and brooches to the large ornate headpieces.  There was so much to take in and all of it was beautiful.



This table displayed clean geometric cake designs for those couples looking for something modern and a little bit different.  The lovely gentleman responsible for these creations was very friendly and explained that all of the designs can be adjusted to suit your particular taste.


Dragonfly Dress Design

Looking for a dress that no one else has?  Look no further.  As they’re photo board explains, Dragonfly Dress Design allow you, the bride, to become the designer.  Beginning with a basic dress shape, you can then go on to add the various elements you like to create a truly bespoke gown.  Such a wonderful idea, and not something I had came across before.  I love it!


Damson Cup

Looking for dainty teacups and saucers in which to serve your wedding beverages?  Look no further!  There were so many unique bits and pieces on display.   It really opened up my eyes to the various options out there for setting your table.


Emilie Rose

Emilie Rose offers beautiful feminine stationery for your wedding.   With both invites and save the dates on offer decked out in lace, ribbon and string everything just oozes vintage flair.

So that was my summary of my fav bits and pieces from the Glasgow Wedding Collective wedding fair.  You can check out the Glasgow Wedding Collective here to find more of their wonderful suppliers.


Have you found any unique independent suppliers?  Who would you recommend?

Let me know in the comments.

Maxine xxx


  1. Nice blog, but missing a link to the menswear participant .... Jack(et) with Jill Skulina.
    kind regards
    her mum

  2. theladysaidyes27 May 2014 at 11:32

    Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog.

    While I admire you helping your daughter to promote her business I'd kindly like to point out that the link to her site is not "missing" from this post.

    I attended the fair as a bride to be and spoke to the suppliers which I felt I could potentially work with for my own wedding. Of those suppliers I spoke to I chose some I particularly liked and decided to give them a mention on my personal blog so as to allow others to find out about them. On the day I did not speak to your daughter because I plan on hiring the entire kilt outfit for my groom and groomsmen so do not require personalised jackets. While I think what she does is unique and worthwhile, I did not mention it on my blog because I felt it wasn't something I could personally pursue. Also, the post was never intended to be a review of the entire show because there were simply too many suppliers to discuss individually.

    I will leave this comment available for others to see and let them find out about your daughter's business, but I'd appreciate it if next time you would like me to mention something on my blog you asked my permission as opposed to making out I have somehow made a mistake.

    Maxine :)

  3. Hi Maxine

    Thanks for your reply and I appreciate where you're coming from (as a bride that is) There were so many things you liked (which is good) that I thought it read like an overall review. I was writing with that thought in mind, and, as there have been other pintrest/blogs/reviews which have omitted the only stall which provided something for the grooms, I thought I should provide some support as my daughter she worked so hard for the show and gets not a lot of feedback. (Not to mention the fact that I had to get up at a ridiculous hour on a Sunday to babysit in order for her to take part in Glasgow)

    Hope your wedding organisation goes smoothly and you have a lovely day.

    kind regards

    PS Being not au fait with the unwritten rules and regulations regarding a blog I had no idea that prior permission was required in order to write/add something. I pressed the comment button in response to your request for recommendations for other independant unique suppliers. Please feel free to remove my text.

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